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Bob Urichuck is a catalyst for constant improvement and a cultivator of human potential. An internationally sought after sales expert and inspirational speaker, Bob is the founder of Velocity Selling and Bob Urichuck Management.

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How to Attract, Engage and Empower: A New Economy

Do you want to attract and engage the attention of someone to establish a relationship?

Do you want to quickly qualify opportunities?

Do you want to learn how to inspire others to commit to their actions?

$25 USD

Why an Understanding of Your Own Attitude is Critical to Your Success

Attitude is the key success factor and the foundation to your coaching success. Your attitude towards yourself and others influences your behavior towards them. Your attitude affects your level of satisfaction with your life and with your job. Your attitude affects everyone who comes into contact with you.

$50 USD

Coaches: Increase Your Results Through Appropriate Behavior

You can have a fantastic attitude, but a positive attitude alone is not enough to guarantee long term success. As a business coach you have to demonstrate appropriate behavior. One of the most important behaviors is to set goals, monitor and measure them, make adjustments as you go, and strive for their accomplishments. In order to be successful at this you must know your own behavioral ratio’s.

$50 USD

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